DS Titanium Ligation-Clips

Innovative, reliable, convenient

With the DS-Clip, we offer an innovative alternative in the segment of Single-Fire Clips.

The DS Titanium Ligation-Clip has a clip shape with parallel arranged bars with a gap between which compresses the tissue. They stabilize the clip against axial dislodgement. A diamond-shaped inner clip profile leads to an enlarged contact surface on the tissue.

In addition, clips with a latch are available for selective clip sizes. The latch additionally prevents the clip from slipping.

With Aesculap, you have found an innovative and competent partner for the closure of vessels and hollow organs.


  • Innovative: This system is innovative and unique in the segment of Titanium Ligation-Clips
  • Reliable: The DS-Clip provides a firm hold on the clipped structure
  • Convenient: The system is easy to use. It does not require an adaption of the order of operation.