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3D camera system in laparoscopic and cardio-thoracic surgery

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The current development in health care poses a variety of challenges for hospitals, such as

  • Increasing cost pressure
  • Cost and treatment transparency
  • Necessity for process optimization
  • Increasing hygiene requirements
  • Reduction of interfaces and errors
  • Balance between employee satisfaction and time pressure
  • Competition for patients

The question is posed as to how new products can contribute to bringing about improvements in these areas?

Proven Value of 3D EinsteinVision® 3.0

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Clinical and patient evidence in cardiac surgery

Prof. Doll, Director of the Cardiac Surgery Department of the SANA Clinic for Heart Surgery in Stuttgart, Germany

Feedback from numerous users confirms our estimation that EinsteinVision® is the benchmark in 3D cardiac surgery:

“I am very pleased to be the first surgeon to perform the Total Endoscopic Tricuspid Valve Repair using this great 3D Visualization System from Aesculap,” said Professor Doll, Director of the Cardiac Surgery Department of the SANA Clinic for Heart Surgery in Stuttgart, Germany.“ Using a 3D Imaging, in such a great quality, enables me to work more precise, to reduce patients pain by using a soft tissue retractor only and to have a high confident and security by placing my stitches around the annulus.

The Aesculap 3D EinsteinVision® will lead to less traumatic and painful surgeries and to a reduction of the operating time with a unprecedented ease of use and efficiency.”

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Premium 3D

EinsteinVision® 3.0 offers exceptional 3D image quality with native Full HD resolution. In addition, the system convinces with an impressive depth of field and high image contrast.

Pure viewing pleasure

Anti-fogging function

Fogged optics are bothersome, impair the view, disrupt work and can affect patient safety.
Integrated heating elements in the endoscope tip of the camera effectively and permanently prevent fogging of the optics within seconds. 

Complete perspective

Smoke reduction

Electrosurgical current regularly generates disruptive smoke. Limited visibility conditions can have an influence on patient safety.
With the push of a button, a special algorithm reduces the impairment visibly.


Red enhancement

A clearer representation of vessels and greater differentiation of red tones are also desirable.
The integrated algorithm provides precisely that at the push of a button.

Differentiated seeing

A different sterile handling concept 

No thermal reprocessing of laparoscope, camera head or cable is necessary as the sterile cover represents the sterile barrier between patient and camera including laparoscope. Simple handling, process optimization and fewer interfaces in combination with cost transparency are the most outstanding features of this new concept.

Consistent image quality 

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