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3D Camera System – SEE BETTER

The current development in health care pose a variety of challenges for hospitals, such as

  • Increasing cost pressure
  • Cost and treatment transparency
  • Necessity for process optimization
  • Increasing hygiene requirements
  • Reduction of interface and errors
  • Balance between employee satisfaction and time pressure
  • Competition for patients

The question is posed as to how new products can contribute to bringing about improvements in these areas?

3D – An exciting technology

  • Better precision and accuracy
  • Reduced operation time
  • Personal well-being
  • Shorter learning curve

The next generation EinsteinVision®

  • Premium 3D image
  • Built-in antifog solution
  • Smoke reduction algorithm
  • Focus-free viewing
  • Image rotation
  • 3D camera platform accepts 2D/3D camera heads

A different sterile handling concept

  • No reprocessing
  • Consistent 3D image quality
  • Fewer interfaces during product handling process
  • Cost transparency