IV administration set with precision IV flow regulator for gravity infusions

Designed for use in gravity flow situations which require variable, accurate infusion rates for patient safety and drug efficacy.


  • Ready-to-use serially equipped with complete Intrafix® Primeline IV administration set
  • Regulation dial clearly calibrated to individual patient conditions with a wide scope (10 to 250 ml/h). Rapidly and reproducibly to adjust a preselected rate of delivery
  • Regulator safely placed far away from patient reach
  • Flow control independent of tubing: no self-acting alteration possible, ensures constant flow rate with deviation ≤ 5 % (prerequisite no changes of fluid viscosity, pressures caused by container height, patient influences etc.)
  • Practical handgrip for one-handed usage, easy setting of drip rates
  • Soft, clear PVC tubing with standard lumen 3 x 4.1 mm, standard length 180 cm, DEHP free plasticizer with superior, well documented safety properties
  • Slide clamp for short-term interruption of infusion saving readjustment measures
  • Screw tight Luer Lock fitting to reduce accidental disconnection


Optionally available as:

  • "Inline" version, i.e. without IV administration set
  • Totally PVC free, tubing material Neutrapur®
  • With injection port (latex)
  • With Infuvalve® back-check valve for parallel infusion