Full HD 3-Chip Camera

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Crystal clear 2D images of the highest quality

Full HD
Six times higher resolution than conventional standard cameras delivers crystal clear images of the highest quality (1920 x 1080 pixels).

Welcome to the “Champions League”. 1080p60 is a synonym for today’s leading edge in camera technology.

True life colours
Groundbreaking new 3-chip technology provides impressive colour depth and brilliant red differentation.

Remote control
All the important camera functions can be easily activated by remote control using the integrated operating keys.

HD endoscopes
For pin sharp images down to the finest detail we recommend using the new HD endoscopes from Aesculap.

Lag free Images
The latest Full HD technology delivers lag free images, even with rapid camera movements. 

Widescreen Viewing
The 16:9 image format extends the field of vision and facilitates earlier instrument identification.

On screen display
All relevant camera information is displayed briefly. So you have everything in view.

Revolutionary Zoom
The world’s first 5x zoom in an endoscopy camera shows even the tiniest details in perfect HD quality.

Camera cable
Easy service! A detachable camera cable simplifies the replacement – locally.

Special modes optimize the camera settings to meet the high demands according to the surgical speciality.