Infusomat® Space Line

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PVC (DEHP-free)

  • Convenient drip chamber design with:
    • Sharp piercing spike ensures easy piercing of different container ports
    • Bacteria proof venting (closable)
    • 20 drops 1 ml ± 0.1 ml (aqua dest.)
    • 15 µm fluid filter
  • Silicone pump segment for high delivery accuracy and long-term consistency
  • Parallel stripes indicate correct loading
  • Different fastening clips on the lower and upper part of the silicone pump segment for easy and secure tubing guidance
  • Additional set based anti-free flow clamp, automatically clamps the line whenever the tubing is removed from the pump
  • Roller clamp with line holder and unique spike protector for safe disposal
  • Different set design for different fields of application available
  • Compatible with Infusomat® fm, fmS and Infusomat Space