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Fast-acting alcoholic surface disinfection

  • Ready-to-use fast-acting alcoholic surface disinfectant
  • Based on n-propanol and quaternary ammonium compound
  • Active against bacteria, mycobacteria (M. terrae),yeasts and viruses (HBV / HIV / HCV), Adeno-,Noro-, Polio-, Rota- and Vaccinia virus


  • Active undiluted in 1 minute
  • Aldehyde- and alkylamine-free
  • Fully virucidal in 10 minutes

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Surface Rangebrochure B. Braun solution for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, inventory and medical devices
pdf (3.7 MB)
Together against MDRO Partner up with B. Braun to have the rightsolutions to fight Multi Drug Resistant Organisms as MRSA
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