Gravitational add-on valve to prevent overdrainage symptoms

The MIETHKE SHUNTASSISTANT® is a gravitational valve made of titanium. Its purpose is to prevent overdrainage in shunted hydrocephalus patients, independent of the patient’s body position. As a gravitational valve it can be implanted either secondarily to support drainage in problem patients or initially in combination with non-adjustable or adjustable differential pressure valves.​
The MIETHKE paediSHUNTASSISTANT® works in the same way as the MIETHKE SHUNTASSISTANT®. However, it is considerably smaller and its functions are intended to meet the special needs of those with pediatric hydrocephalus.​


  • Automatic adjustment of opening pressure​
  • Slim, cylindrical and small design ​
  • Simple and quick implantation​
  • MRI compatible up to 3 Tesla


The MIETHKE SHUNTASSISTANT® is available as a single valve or with distal catheter.


  • Treatment of Hydrocephalus