Mini-Spike® Chemo

Dispensing Pins

The range of red Mini-Spike® Chemo are used to withdraw or inject cytostatic and cytotoxic drugs from medication vial or semi-rigid containers.

Featured with a 5µm particle filter and a 0,2µm bacteria retentive air filter, the red Mini-Spike® Chemo are a rational solution to reduce chemical, microbial and particle contamination.

The integrated air channel of Mini-Spike® Chemo enables to automate pressure balancing steps which significantly increase efficiency. The 0,2µm air filter retains all aerosols which the toxic powdered drugs produces during reconstitution.

Designed with a snap cap, Mini-Spike® Chemo enables to reduce touch contamination, by allowing the user to work conveniently away from the critical luer connection.

The molded tight-sealing cap improves working hygiene by preventing loss of cap and potential leakages when closed.

The ergonomic design of Mini-Spike® Chemo ensures an optimal flow rate during injections and withdrawals.

Mini-Spike® Chemo is PVC-, DEHP, and Latex-free


  • Needle-free solution to withdraw or inject toxic fluids.
  • 5 µm fluid filter to prevent particle contamination.
  • 0,2µm air filter to prevent microbial and chemical contamination and retain aerosols.
  • Inbuilt air channel which automates pressure balancing.
  • High flow rate
  • Ergonomic design
  • Tight-Seal snap cap for ergonomic handling
  • Increase efficiency


  • Needle-free dispensing pin
  • Tight-Sealing snap cap
  • 5µm particle filter
  • 0,2 µm air filter
  • 2 distinct air and fluid channels
  • Automation of pressure balancing
  • Universal spike for medication vial
  • Large grip plate for convenient and intuitive handling
  • PVC- , DEHP- , Latex -free


Mini-Spike® Chemo V possesses an integrated two way valve which protects against free-flow when the system is turned upside down.

Mini-Spike® Chemo Micro-tip offers a thinner spike to perforate smaller vials to prevent small rubber stoppers from being pushed into the vial. Additionally, Mini-Spike® Chemo Micro-tip does not have a particle filter to minimize drug retention volume.