Nutricomp® Peptid

Enteral nutrition adapted to special metabolic conditions

  • Normocaloric, nutritionally complete dietary food, enriched with protein as defined oligopeptides, for special medical purposes
  • Can be used for sip or tube feeding
  • Comes with a slight taste of peppermint
  • For the dietary management of malnutrition

Additional information

Glass bottle, 500 ml (may differ from country to country).


  • Caloric density 1 ml = 1 kcal
  • High biologic value protein from different protein sources such as whey protein and soy hydrolysate
  • Balanced fatty acid profile from a combination of soy oil andMCT
  • Carbohydrate composition from maltodextrin to provide a rapid and easily available energy source
  • Gluten and cholesterol free, strictly low in lactose
  • Caloric distribution (% kcal of protein : fat : carbohydrates : fiber)= 14 : 12 : 74 : 0
  • Osmolality: 370 mosmol/kg
  • Osmolarity: 310 mosmol/l


Dosage: According to patient's requirements. For complete nutrition 1500-2000 mL (1500-2000 kcal) per day.


If nutritional support is indicated in patients, for example:

  • Malassimilation syndrome
  • Pancreas failure
  • Jejunal feeding