Omnican® fine

Single-use pen needles for subcutaneous injection

The new pen needle generation Omnican® fine makes living with diabetes easier – every day. It offers a virtually pain-free penetration, an optimized insulin flow and a firm and secure fit on all major pen devices on the market.

Product range:

Omnican® fine pen needles are available in four color-coded sizes. Ready to fit your personal needs.


  • Omnican® fine 32G x 4 mm (purple) ultra-thin wall
  • Omnican® fine 32G x 6 mm (blue) ultra-thin wall


  • Omnican® fine 31G x 4 mm (purple) extra-thin wall
  • Omnican® fine 31G x 6 mm (blue) extra-thin wall
  • Omnican® fine 31G x 8 mm (orange) extra-thin wall


  • Omnican® fine 29G x 12 mm (green) thin wall

Product includes 100 pcs. pen needles

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Why Omnican® fine?

Pick a pen needle from the expert

Choosing Omnican® fine from B. Braun means selecting a pen needle that is based on more than 20 years of expertise in the field of diabetes. And just as important: We have been developing cannulas for more than 50 years.

Every single part of this pen needle has been designed and manufactured for maximum precision and comfort. A small device with many features – that together makes a big difference in injection comfort.

Omnican® fine pen needles fit to all major insulin injectors on the market, according to ISO 11608-2:2012.  

The advantages 

Virtually pain-free penetration

Virtually pain-free penetration 

The extremely fine three-facet grinding minimizes tissue trauma.

Every needle receives a special silicone finish for smooth gliding and virtually pain-free penetration of skin and tissue. 

Optimized insulin flow

Optimized insulin flow 

The ultra- and extra-thin-wall technology allow for a larger inner diameter and an optimized insulin flow.

Less force is required, and injection time is reduced.

Firm and secure fit

Firm and secure fit 

You achieve a firm and secure fit with just two twists of the hub.

Thanks to its flexible material, Omnican® fine fits with all major pen devices available on the market.

How to Use Omnican® fine ?

From unpacking and injecting to disposal - especially if you have just started injecting insulin, there might be open questions. In the video below, each step is described in clear scenes. This may help you with your own routine.