Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion System made of biocompatible PEEK-OPTIMA®

The PROSPACE® PEEK is an implant used for stabilization of the lumbar and thoracic spine through a posterior approach, monosegmental or multisegmental. The X-ray transparency allows for a quick and simple assessment of the bone structure and progress towards bone fusion. Tantal pins serve as location markers. The modulus of elasticity of 3.6 GPa encourages load sharing between implant material and natural bone, thereby stimulating bone healing activity.
PROSPACE® stands for primary stability, restoration of the natural lumbar lordosis and long-term maintenance of the spinal balance. Combined with reliable and easy to use instrumentation PROSPACE® is the solution for a successful thoracolumbar interbody fusion.


  • Experience for many years in PROSPACE® Titanium run in the development of PROSPACE® PEEK
  • PROSPACE® PEEK and S4® Spinal System meet the requirements for a 3-column-stabilization
  • Wide range of implant sizes presenting the right implant to fit the patient, e. g. 1 mm increments in height
  • Simple and clearly arranged instruments


  • PEEK-OPTIMA® is transparent to X-rays and is artefact-free
  • Tantal markers serve as location markers
  • Anatomical shape and serrated profile for high primary stability
  • The bulleted nose facilitates the implantation of the cage especially in very degenerated discs
  • Straight implant design for minimal retraction of the dura and nerve roots
  • Lordotic implant design to restore the natural lordosis in all levels for the spinal balance
  • Option of filling with bone or bone substitute to enhance bone bridging
  • Firm connection to the inserter by means of a clamp mechanism with undercut


Thoracolumbar spine fusion in case of:
Degenerative instability, spondylolisthesis, post-discectomy syndrome and post-traumatic instabilities.