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Warp-knitted, double-velour vascular prosthesis of polyester

Silver Graft is a warp-knitted, double-velour vascular prosthesis of polyester (polyethylene terephthalate/pegoterate), which has been impregnated with absorbable modified bovine gelatine (Polygelin). To avoid microbial adhesion, the textile prosthesis is also coated with a layer of silver on its surface. The gelatine impregnation reduces the initial porosity of the textile prosthesis at the time of implantation from approximately 1900 ml/min/cm² at a pressure of 120 mm Hg to 0 ml/min/cm². Silver Graft is supplied in the form of straight tubes and bifurcations. Silver Graft contains per cm² prosthesis wall 3.4 - 6.5 mg modified bovine gelatin (Polygelin) prepared from bovine gelatin and hexamethylene diisocyanate. Silver is a component at a concentration of 0.07 - 0.16 mg/cm². Other ingredients are glycerol, polyester (polyethylene terephthalate/pegoterate), water, titanium, palladium and carbon, which forms part of the orienting thread.

The functional properties of the vascular prosthesis Silver Graft are based on the principle that a highly porous textile construction is temporarily sealed by a biologically degradable mass, which does not possess any independent pharmacological properties. The gelatine impregnation of the prosthesis is enzymatically degraded and absorbed within 4-6 weeks after implantation. During this time endogenous tissue takes on the sealing function of the modified gelatin and a cell layer, referred to as a neointima, forms on the inside surface of the prosthesis. At the same time, connective tissue grows into the implant anchoring it into the body of the recipient. Tests in cell cultures and animal shave revealed that Silver-Graft vascular prosthesis does not release any substances with a toxic effect. The silver-ions on the graft surface have a toxic effect on micro-organisms. Therefore Silver Graft has a clear reduction of microbial adhesion to the surfaceof the textile prosthesis. Investigations in cell culture as well as in animals show that no toxic substances will be released by the Silver Graft vascular prosthesis.

Reconstructive procedures on the aorta and in the peripheral area requiring a prostheses with at least 6 mm diameter; also suitable for patients requiring systemic heparinization or suffering from coagulation disturbances and emergency cases. Silver Graft can be implanted prophylactically as protection against vascular graft infection. The silver coating acts as a long-term protection avoiding adhesion of microbes to the surface of the textile prosthesis.


  • Do not use for patients with known silver or palladium sensitivite
  • Do not use as a dialysisshunt

The product-range consists of straight tubes and bifurcations of various lengths and diameters. All forms and sizes of Silver Graft vascular prosthesis are supplied in double-peel-packaging and are closed in a cardboard box. Box content is 1 piece.