Sterican® MIX semi-blunt

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Single-use semi-blunt needle for drug admixture

Sterican® MIX semi-blunt needle is a sterile, latex-free, single use device used for safety drug admixture.

  • 40° bevel angle
  • Made of stainless, chromium-nickel steel
  • Made of Polypropylene (needle hub)
  • Red colored hub and protective cap for clear differentiation
  • DEHP and latex-free
  • Box of 100 pieces


Sterican® Mix semi-blunt prevents health care professionals from needlestick injuries and related infections.


  • Semi-blunt bevel design minimizes the risk of needle-stick injuries without changing established needle handling processes in clinical practice
  • 40° bevel angle optimized for fluid transfer with e.g. stoppered vials, glass and plastic ampoules
  • Thin walled cannula for faster draw-up (up to 20% higher draw-up speed in comparison to comparable products in the market)
  • Guaranteed 2-needle technique ensuring that a new sterile needle is used for patient injection