Uni-Graft® K DV Patch

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Impregnated polyester patch

Uni-Graft® is a wrap-knitted doublevelour patch impregnated with an absorbable modified gelatine. Uni-Graft® K DV Patch is blood-tight at implantation. The patented Uni-Graft® impregnation technology is aldehyde free.
Primary blood-tight and therefore also usable for patients with systemic heparinisation and emergency patients.


  • True zero-porosity
  • Aldehyde free impregnation technology
  • Low thombogenicity gelatine
  • Minimized suture hole leakage
  • No tearing at the suture line

Patch procedures on the carotid, profunda, femoral, and iliac arteries.

Sizes: 1x7 cm, 2x9 cm, 3x4 cm