Uni-Graft® K DV

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Impregnated knitted polyester graft

Uni-Graft® K DV is a knitted, double velour vascular graft made of fine polyester fibres that have been impregnated with absorbable modified gelatin. This special treatment reduces the initial porosity of the graft from approx. 1900 ml/min/cm² to 0 ml/min/cm² at the time of implantation. The patented Uni-Graft® impregnation technology is aldehyde free (no glutaraldehyde or formaldehyde used) for a maximum in biocompatibility and user safety.


  • True zero-porosity
  • Aldehyde free impregnation technology
  • Low thombogenicity gelatine
  • Double velour structure ensures good healing of the graft
  • No pre-clotting - ready for immediate implantation
  • High suture retention
  • Tapered configuration available


  • Reconstructive procedures on the aorta and in the peripheral arteries
  • Extra-anatomical procedures
  • Patients with clotting disorders
  • Emergency surgery


  • straight tubes: 6-38 mm diameter, various lengths
  • bifurcated grafts: 12-24 mm diameter, 40 cm length
  • axillo-bifemoral grafts: 8-10 mm diameter, 100 cm length
  • tapered: 8 to 6 mm conical diameter, 60 cm length