Uni-Graft® W Aortic Arch

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Impregnated woven polyester vascular prosthesis

Uni-Graft® W Aortic Arch is a woven single velour vascular prosthesis made of polyester, which has been impregnated with absorbable modified bovine gelatine. Aortic Arches are available in 90° bends from 26-32 mm diameter.


  • Reconstructive procedures at aortic arch as well as the aorta ascendens and descendens
  • Patients requiring systemic heparinization
  • Patients suffering from coagulation disorders
  • Emergency cases


  • True anatomical conformity
  • Excellent combination of high strength and flexibility to meet the additional challenges of aortic arch reconstruction
  • P.A.S.S Technology (Permanent Arch Stabilizing System)
  • Saving of time during operation