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Impregnated woven polyester vascular prosthesis


  • Reconstructive procedures in cardiac and thoracic surgery
  • Patients requiring systemic heparinization
  • Patients suffering from coagulation disorders
  • Emergency cases


  • Proven Uni-Graft® safety and reliability over more than two decades
  • Leading weaving technology
  • Strong and durable prosthesis structure
  • Excellent handling characteristics

Proven Uni-Graft® Impregnation

Zero Porosity
Tests under physiological conditions confirm Uni-Graft® superior performance and zero porosity at time of implantation.

Uni-Graft® impregnation technology is free of formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde providing improved biocompatibility with additional safety for the patients.

Hightech-Weaving Technology
Strong and durable textile structure and high suture retention force.

Excellent Healing
The external velour and the smooth inner surface provide the basis for superior tissue ingrowth and for thrombus free flow surface.