Actreen® Hi-Lite Cath Nelaton 20cm

Catheter for female and pediatric intermittent self catheterization 

Actreen® Hi-Lite Cath Nelaton 20 cm is a single-use, ready-to-use catheter for intermittent catheterization adapted for women and children (CH06 - CH10).


  • 16 cm long sterile catheter (connector length not including) with Nelaton tip
  • Ready-to-use pre-lubricated catheter with hydrophilic gel (no need to add water)
  • Non traumatic eyes for smooth insertion
  • Available in CH06 - CH14
  • Universal connector: Fits all types of urine bags
  • Different opening options including an improved no touch system for further safety. Also for patients with reduced dexterity
  • New material, TPO (Thermoplastic PolyOlefin = PVC-free)
  • Pocket sized pouches are included in each box. Therefore patients can carry their daily catheter requirements
  • Packaging: made of recyclable materials (when incinerated, polyethylene plastic material turns into water vapor and carbon dioxide)


Intermittent female & pediatric urinary catheterization.

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Easy opening and use

For an easy opening, grip and tear off the protective film at mark "1".

In another case, mostly for patient with low dexterity, the eyelet present on the opening "A" can be used in order to tear off the protective film.

For a simplified no touch technique, tear off the film at mark "A".  The movable part will protect the catheter when handling during catheterization.

Grip and tear off the protective film at mark "1".  From the connector side, hold the cone and lift the catheter out of the packaging.