Actreen® Hi-Lite Cath Tiemann 41cm

Catheter with a slightly curved tip for male intermittent self catheterization 

Actreen® Hi-Lite Cath with Tieman tip is a single-use, ready-to-use catheter for intermittent catheterization adapted for men preferring a curved Tiemann tip.


  • 37 cm long sterile catheter (connector length not included) with Tiemann tip
  • Ready-to-use pre-lubricated catheter with hydrophilic gel (no need to add water)
  • Non traumatic catheter eyes for smooth insertion
  • Available in CH08 - CH18
  • Universal connector: fits all types of urine bags
  • Different opening options including an improved no touch system for further safety. Also for patients with reduced dexterity
  • New material, TPO (Thermoplastic PolyOlefin = PVC-free)
  • The catheter is foldable for more discretion (except CH18)
  • A pocket sized pouchincluded in each box. Therefore patients can carry their daily catheter requirements.
  • Packaging: made of recyclable materials (when incinerated, polyethylene plastic material turns into water vapor and carbon dioxide)

Simple opening and use

The catheter is easy to open, even for patients with low dexterity. The patient can use the opening 1 to use the no touch technique by folding the sheath back during catheterization.

Or the patient can use the openings B to release the movable sheath for simplified no touch technique.

Or the eyelet on opening A which is especially designed for people with low dexterity. 

Improved no touch system: The movable protective sheath gives patient more control.

For more discretion, Actreen® Hi-Lite 41cm catheters (except CH18) can be easily folded.

Ordering information Actreen® Hi-Lite Cath Tiemann Male:

08Ø 2,7mm41cm23810830 + 1 pouch
10Ø 3,3mm41cm
23811030 + 1 pouch
12Ø 4,0mm41cm
23811230 + 1 pouch
14Ø 4,7mm41cm
23811430 + 1 pouch
16Ø 5,3mm41cm
23811630 + 1 pouch
18Ø 6,0mm41cm 238118 30 


  • Actreen® Hi-Lite Cath IFU

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