Actreen® Hi-Lite Set Tiemann

Set of long catheter with slightly curved tip and bag for male intermittent self catheterization

Actreen® Hi-Lite Set with a slightly curved Tiemann tip is a single-use, ready-to-use set for intermittent catheterization adapted for men preferring a curved Tiemann tip. The set includes a long catheter and urine collection bag with an anti-reflux valve, both sealed together.


  • 37 cm long sterile catheter with Tiemann tip
  • Ready-to-use pre-lubricated catheter with hydrophilic gel (no need to add water)
  • The Actreen® Hi-Lite Set hydrophilic lubricant is proven to keep the catheter fully lubricated from the initial opening up to 60 minutes.*)
  • Non traumatic catheter eyes for smooth insertion
  • Available in CH10 - CH18
  • Different opening options including an improved no touch system for further safety. Also for patients with reduced dexterity
  • New material, TPO (Thermoplastic PolyOlefin = PVC-free)
  • Bag with anti-reflux valve and urine capacity of 1L
  • Easy bag emptying
  • The set is foldable for further discretion (except CH18)
  • Pocket sized pouches are included in each box. Therefore patients can carry their daily catheter requirements.
  • Packaging: made of recyclable materials (when incinerated, polyethylene plastic material turns into water vapor and carbon dioxide)

*) Report n° 7.5.AC.059.2
For safety and hygienic reasons, we advise you to use the product in the shortest possible time after opening.


Male intermittent urinary catheterization.

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How to use Actreen® Hi-Lite Set Tiemann


Unfold the set by tearing off the sticker.


Actreen® Hi-Lite Set is easy to open. If you have good dexterity, grip and tear off the film at mark "A".


The opening of the set is adapted even for people with reduced dexterity. Hold with one hand the catheter and with the other hand insert your thumb in the eyelet at mark "A" in order to pull off the protecive sheath.


If you want to release all the catheter, grip and tear off the film at mark "C".


If you have reduced dexterity, hold with one hand the connector and with the other hand insert your thumb in the eyelet at mark "C" in order to pull off the protective sheath.


Then, fold up the sheath into accordion folds without touching the catheter.


For a simplified no touch technique release a movable sheath by gripping and tearing off the film at marks B and C.

Male catheterization:

  • With one hand hold the penis upwards to decrease the curvature of the urethra.
  • With the other hand carefully introduce the catheter into the urethra until it reaches the bladder and the urine drains into the bag.


  • To empty the bag, tear off along the dotted line located on the bag
  • To discreetly dispose of Actreen® Hi Lite Set, refold the set and reposition a part of the sticker to close it. 
  • Then discard the catheter according to the current local regulations.

Actreen® Hi-Lite Set can be easily folded (except CH18) for more discretion.

A pouch is provided to carry the daily quantity of sets (except CH18).