AS Advanced Surface

Coating technology – 7 Layers to protect you

AS Columbus outperforms other alternate surfaces

Columbus® with Advanced Surface Technology – one of the best performing TKA with alternate surface implant in the Australian NJR Register! AS Columbus with 7-layer coating outperforms other alternate surface technologies in the register.

Cumultative percent revision of AS primary total knee replacement by AS femoral material (primary diagnosis OA)

Source: Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry (AOANJRR). Hip, Knee & Shoulder Arthroplasty: 2021 Annual Report, Adelaide; AOA, 2021: 258

AS Advanced Surface is an innovative coating for knee implants to improve mechanical properties and biocompatibility of knee systems.

The zirconium nitride top coat yields superior surface hardness that is unmatched in the market place. The wear rate is reduced by up to 65% compared to standard implants. This ceramic surface layer stands for improved scratch resistance, good wettability and for better articulation between bearing surfaces.

Unlike monolayer coatings, the AS 7-layer coating has a buffer zone which compensates the changes in surface hardness and results in more resilientelastic properties. Additionally the transition layers act as an effective metal ion barrier, thus ideal for patients with metal hypersensitivity.

A powerful bond coating between the base material and subsequent layers ensure strong adhesion.

All Aesculap knee system’s polyethylenes are sterilized under Beta radiation which uses higher concentrated, lower penetrating radiation levels for reduced oxidation yielding better wear results.

Sharkey et al: “Improved Polyethylene or alternative bearing surfaces can certainly diminish the failure rate after knee arthroplasty.”

Better long term results
The AS coating in combination with Beta-PE yields superior performance. Better long term results can be expected.


  • Up to 65% reduced wear rates
  • Allergy prevention through effective metal ion barrier by 7 layer coating
  • Biocompatibility and improved wettability
  • Unmatched Hardness and thus improved scratch resistance
  • Improved fatigue properties of polyethylene

Image Video AS Advanced Surface

Image Video


  • Patient Video AS Advanced Surface

    Interview Mrs. Ehret, left-knee prosthesis AS coated

  • Patient Video AS Advanced Surface

    Interview Mr. Gührer, right-knee prosthesis AS coated