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Oxidized resorbable cellulose hemostats

Cellistypt® is an oxidized resorbable cellulose hemostat, of 100 % vegetable origin made from natural cotton.
Oxidized cellulose hemostats have been used for decades and are well known for their hemostatic properties and easy handling.
B. Braun’s Cellistypt® product range is available in three different presentations, offering the right option for every indication.


  • Ready-to-use approach
  • Easy to use
  • Bacteriostatic properties
  • Does not contain animal or human components


Cellistypt® hemostats are meant to be used as adjunct to hemostasis in open surgical and minimal invasive procedures in order to control capillary, minor venous and minor arteriolar bleeding, when conventional hemostatic methods such as ligation are impractical or not effective.

  • Cellistypt® basic format, gauze-like hemostat for mild bleeding
  • Cellistypt® D-K dense knitted format, for increased strength, suitable to wrap organs
  • Cellistypt® F cotton wool which enables the use of the necessary amount only and allows the placement on all kinds of surfaces including those areas of difficult access