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Set for intra-operative and post-operative drainage

The Cystofix® TUR Certon® catheter has 28 eyelets to ensure a high irrigation and drainage flow in presence of blood and tissue chips.


  • Catheter made of polyurethane with curled pigtail (J) tip
  • CH15 and 65 cm length
  • 28 eyelets to avoid catheter obstruction by tissue fragments during TURP
  • Open tip to enable the use of a guide wire during the replacement
    Universal connector
  • Slide clamp to stop the urine flow
  • Thin and sharp stainless steel cannula
    • Ø5,4 mm,12 cm length
    • Splittable with ”3-wing” handling grip for an easy handling
    • Internal siliconized (“glide effect”) for an easy insertion
  • Provided in boxes of 10 sets


Set for intra-operative and post-operative drainage or lavage during transurethral resection of the prostate.