Steelex Electrode Set

For the control and treatment of arrhythmias

The Electrode Set is a temporary cardiac pacing wire used to treat arrhytmias during and after open heart surgery. It consists of a twisted stainless steel, multistrand wire partially insulated with a sheath of blue or white polyethylene.


  • Exceptional strength with great flexibility and handling characteristics
  • Multifilament construction for improved handling properties and reduced fatigue and fragmentation
  • Polyethylene sheath facilitates extraction and provides highly efficient insulation for reliable pacing
  • Electro-passive in tissue fluids
  • Break-off needle for improved connection to pacemaker or extension cable
  • High conductivity


Sizes available USP 3/0 (2 metric) up to USP 0 (3.5 metric)


  • Temporary atrial and ventricular pacing and sensing during and after cardiac surgery.