Enteroport® plus

Enteral nutrition pump

Enteral nutrition pump for controlled gastric and intestinal application of tube feeding diets. For inpatient and outpatient use.


Ergonomic and modern design 

  • Easy to operate


Small size, low weight (450 g)

  • Programming information via illuminated LCD display
  • Integrated safety and control functions with acoustic and visual alarms 
    • Occlusion
    • Air detection
    • Empty bag
    • Low battery charge
    • End of application (volume, time)
  • Operating modes
    • Continuous application
    • Volume/time selection
    • Bolus application
  • Memory function
    • Storing of the last program setting
  • Safe function
    • Protection against unintentional program setting
  • Rechargeable batteries and mains input
  • Staff call