Set for combined spinal and epidural anesthesia

Pencan® spinal needle or Spinocan® spinal needle

  • Sleeve to center the spinal needle inside the epidural needle
  • Tip of the needle exits straight through the back eye

Pencan® epidural needle

  • With Tuohy bevel
  • Diameter 1.30 x 88 mm, G 18 x 3 1/2"
  • Additional back eye in the Tuohy curve

Perifix® epidural catheter

  • Material: Polyamide
  • Diameter 0.85 x 0.45 mm, lengh100 cm
  • Clear blue markings completely embedded in the catheter material
  • Threading assist guide

Perifix® Loss-of-Resistence device

  • Luer Slip fitting
  • Latex-free

Perifix® PinPad

  • Filter fixation device for Perifix® 0.2 um filters
  • Self-adhesive