Femoral Neck / Targon® FN

Head preserving solution for medial and lateral femoral neck fractures

The Targon® FN TeleScrews allow a controlled collapse of the fracture along the line of the femoral neck without any backing out of the screws into the soft tissues. Linking these distal and proximal screws with a locking plate gives a much more stable construction with superior rotational stability than would be found with either method of fixation alone.

Specific instruments have been designed to make the procedure easier to undertake using minimally invasive surgery. The surgical technique allows the surgeon to achieve an easy optimum fixation and at the same time avoid potential complications such as bending of the guide wires or pushing of the guide wires into the pelvis.

The initial positive experience with the Targon® FN suggests this implant may be a major advance in the management of the intracapsular fracture and a possible solution to the dilemma of the unsolved fracture.