Flexima® 3S High Flow Bags

Two-piece stoma bag systems

Flexima® 3S is a 2-piece range with a guided mechanical coupling system for an easy positioning of the stoma bag onto the wafer. The Flexima® 3S High Flow bags are designed to collect a large quantity of body effluents. 


Compact bag shape with large outlet:

  • Ergonomic and optimized bag design for large capacity with funnel-shaped lower part
  • 14 mm large outlet
  • Can be connected to the Flow Collector, a distal collecting bag 
  • To be used with the Flexima® 3S wafer corresponding to the chosen diameter of the bag
  • Box of 30 high-flow drainable bags


Colors and capacity (volume as per ISO 8670-2):

In addition to the transparent bags we are offering also beige split cover bags (with inspection window) that combine both the discretion of a beige stoma bag and the visual control to check easily stoma or stool aspect and quantity.

  • Ø55 mm: capacity of +/- 970 ml, beige with inspection window and transparent
  • Ø65 mm: capacity of +/- 940 ml, beige with inspection window and transparent
  • Ø80 mm: capacity of +/- 900 ml, beige beige with inspection window and transparent


High performance protected filter (HP):

  • Improved deodorization capacity through its high-tech breathable membrane
  • Leak-proof and permeable to gases



  • Soft non-woven and odor-proof plastic film
  • Free of latex (PVC) and phthalates (DEHP)



Flexima® 3S stand for Simple, Soft and Secure:

  • Simple coupling system that intuitively guides you through the attachment process so that only a minimum of patient education is required. Depending on which of the three slots you choose a multiple bag orientation is possible to adapt the bag positioning to your body contours.
  • Soft coupling system with a floating flange that requires a minimum of pressure on the abdomen to prevent discomfort during application. The coupling system remains flexible when the wafer and bag are coupled together.
  • Secure coupling system for three reasons: Enhanced leak-proof thanks to the close fitting of the bag on the wafer, increased security through the click when wafer and bag are well locked together and finally even more fixation with the possibility to use a belt attached to one of the three hooks on the bag.


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