Flexima® Key Colostomy Bags

2-piece stoma bag systems

Flexima® Key is a flexible adhesive two-piece system with a guided coupling system for precise, simple and secure bag positioning on the wafer. The soft material of the coupling system provides flexibility which allows the wafer to adapt well to different body contours. The colostomy bags are ergonomically shaped and optimized in size.


Colors and capacity (ISO 8670-2):

  • Ø40 mm: capacity of +/- 440 ml, beige and transparent
  • Ø50 mm: capacity of +/- 420 ml, beige and transparent
  • Ø60 mm: capacity of +/- 550 ml, beige and transparent
  • Ø80 mm: capacity of +/- 520 ml, beige and transparent

Ergonomically shaped colostomy bags:

  • Integrated laminar technology (LT) filter: optimized degassing and deodorizing capacity
  • Soft non-woven and odor-proof plastic film
  • Free of latex (PVC) and phthalates (DEHP)
  • To be used with the Flexima® Key wafer corresponding to the chosen diameter of the bag
  • Boxes of 30 bags

Easy bag positioning and removal:

  • Guided positioning of the bag on the waver thanks to the "key" system: The tab of the adhesive coupling ring on the bag is inserted into the slot of the wafer to garantee a precise positioning
  • A special cut-away section at the top of the flange facilitates the bag removal 
  • When the bag is removed no residue of the adhesive bag ring is left on the wafer


Two-piece system closed bags for collection of body effluents for any person having undergone intestinal surgery of the colostomy type. Flexima® Key bags have to be used with the corresponding wafers.


Ostomy appliance

Unique key guiding system

Guided positioning: Straight from the key to the lock! 

  • Precise and simple positioning with a guiding system
  • Secure set-up decreases risks of leakages
  • Intuitive coupling, so minimum patient education necessary

Secured coupling system:

  • Large width track keeps stable with any distortion
  • Specific adhesive foam formula ensures an optimum leak proofing

Easy bag removal:

  • Special cut away at the top of the flange
  • Pouch adhesive leaves no residues when the bag is removed