H.E.L.P.® Heparinadsorber

Adsorber for removal of excessive heparin from the plasma

Adsorber for extracorporeal heparin adsorption for the H.E.L.P. apheresis treatment.

  • Capillary filter with DEA-modified polyamide membrane
  • Sterile and pyrogen-free
  • Sterilized with ethylene-oxide
  • Heparin adsorption capacity 400,000 IU
  • Priming volume 150 ml

Additional information

The H.E.L.P. Heparin Adsorber is a component of the H.E.L.P.
Futura Treatment Set. It is intended for adsorption of free heparin from the plasma-buffer mixture within the H.E.L.P. treatment with the Plasmat Futura. Only for single use. Caution: Federal Law (U.S.) restricts this device to sale by or on order of a physician.

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