Local haemostatic agent


Lyostypt® is used for hemostasis of capillary bleeding, oozing hemorrhages, bleeding of parenchymal organs and as a supportive measure for other hemostasis techniques.


  • Efficient Hemostasis [1-3]
  • Cost efficient [2]
  • Absorbed in 3 weeks [4-6]
  • Excellent biocompatibility [6]


Control of bleeding in arterial bypass anastomosis [7]

  • Prospective, randomized clinical trial
  • Comparison of fibrillar collagen (Lyostypt®) versus oxidized regenerated cellulose (Surgicel®) [7]
  • Hemostatic effect and handling properties were rated in suture hole bleeding of peripheral arterial bypass anastomosis using PTFE graft prosthesis
  • N = 64 anastomoses (32 Lyostypt®, 32 Surgicel®)


Bleeding time of the anastomoses

Fibrillar collagen showed significantly faster hemostasis (124 ± 67 sec) compared to oxidized regenerated cellulose (416 ± 226 sec) in suture hole bleedings of arterial bypass anastomosis [2]

Fibrillar collagen stopped suture hole bleeding of the anastomoses in less than 3 minutes in over 80 % of cases. Oxidized cellulose needed more than 5 minutes to stop suture hole bleeding in most of the anastomoses performed. [2]

The product trademark “Surgicel” is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson.

Summary of Advantages of Lyostypt® vs Oxidized cellulose according COBBANA Trial [2]

  • Faster hemostasis than oxidized cellulose in suture hole bleedings of arterial bypass anastomosis
  • Better adhesion to tissue and surgical handling than oxidized cellulose in suture hole bleedings of arterial bypass anastomosis
  • Lower amount of material needed to stop bleeding in comparison to oxidized cellulose

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