Metha® Short Hip Stem

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Evolving the State of Arthroplasty

The Metha® Short Hip Stem prosthesis represents a new generation of implants for hip endoprosthesis. Metha® combines three key advantages facilitating surgeries that are as minimally invasive as possible: modularity, minimal stem size and a circumferential coating. It is particularly suitable for young patients with good bone quality. The design continues on the positive experience with non-cemented stems fixated by metaphyseal anchoring. The prosthesis concept allows implantation via the base of the femoral neck, with conservative treatment of the bone in the femoral neck and in the greater trochanter region, preserving the bone, soft tissue and muscle.

Plasmapore® µ-CaP surface
Metha® features the proximal rough Plasmapore® titanium micro-porous coating for cementless implantation. An additional 20 µm calcium phosphate layer is applied electrochemically. This thin layer has an osteoconductive effect and accelerates contact between the bone and the prosthesis stem.

OrthoPilot® hip navigation
Combining the modular Metha® hip stem with OrthoPilot® navigation technology expands the possibilities for endoprosthetic treatment. The free choice in the sequence of cup and stem implantation and the modular neck adapters take account of the individual joint situation – resulting in the optimized range of hip motion. Aesculap acetabular systems Plasmacup® or Plasmafit® offer a 36 mm large head articulation with ceramic Biolox® delta components or highly crosslinked polyethylene Vitelene® with vitamin E.

MIOS® operating techniques
The higher osteotomy and the more medial location of the femoral access make Metha® ideally suited for minimally invasive implantation techniques. The MIOS® – Minimally Invasive Orthopeadic Solutions – instrument range has been carefully and specially designed for such procedures and provides excellent support for the most common hip approaches.