Advanced IntraVentricular Neuroendoscopic System

MINOP® InVent is an advanced intraventricular neuroendoscopic system offering a unique solution for bi-manual resection of tumors and cysts. The multi-directional flexibility experienced through the large working channel coupled with the specially designed instrumentation enables innovative treatment options, thus expanding the possibilities for intraventricular and paraventricular neuroendoscopy.


  • Larger trocar with oval working channel allows innovative treatment options and multidirectional flexibility 
  • Blunt distal tip of the trocar and large depth marking for less traumatic and controlled insertion
  • Bi-instrumental technique close to traditional microneurosurgery thanks to the increased freedom of movement
  • Optimized optical components leading to an enlarged image area, higher image quality, brightness and contrast
  • For the first time, insertion of angled instruments possible

Additional information

  • Special adapter for fixation to Aesculap holding devices
  • Dedicated baskets for sterilization and storage


  • Trocar with
    • Two merging working channels for enhanced handling of the instruments during bi-instrumental operation
    • Grooved section of the shaft for connection of peripheral devices
  • Full HD compatible 30° endoscope
  • Wide range of special micro instruments
    • Detachable tube shaft instruments with rotatable instrument tip for improved control and enhanced handling and precision
    • Shaft instruments with straight and angled instrument tips
    • Dissectors, hook and knife
    • Flexible instruments
    • Bipolar straight and angled electrodes
    • Monopolar straight and hook electrodes
    • Single-use suction cannulas
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Video MINOP® InVent

The future of advanced neuroendoscopy - Offering more for patientsthrough less invasive techniques