Transcranial Endoscope-Assisted Microneurosurgery

The MINOP® TEAM angled endoscopes according to Axel Perneczky are designed for endoscope-assisted microneurosurgery. They are especially used for the visualization of structures in the shadow of the microscopic field of view with the aim to avoid additional opening or retraction during an operation.


  • Angled endoscope design and lateral connection for camera and light source allow simultaneous use of microscope and micro instruments
  • Optimized optical components leading to an enlarged image area, higher image quality, brightness and contrast

Additional information

  • Adapter for fixation to Aesculap® holding devices.
  • Dedicated baskets for sterilization and storage.


  • Full HD compatible endoscopes with different directions of view (0°, 30° and 70°)
  • Wide range of instruments, e.g.
    • XS micro instruments
    • MIN micro instruments
    • TREND instruments​
    • Bipolar forceps​
    • Bone punches
    • Suction instruments​