TRansnasal ENDoscopic System

MINOP® TREND addresses endonasal endosopic approaches to the pituitary and skull base. 


  • Suction, cleaning and irrigation function.
  • Rotatable handle with straight optics for improved flexibility in positioning the endoscope.
  • No irrigation pump needed.
  • Optimized optical components leading to an enlarged image area, higher image quality, brightness and contrast.

Additional information

  • Special adapter for fixation to Aesculap® holding devices.
  • Single use suction and irrigation tube for MINOP® TREND handle.
  • Dedicated baskets for sterilization and storage.


  • Suction, cleaning and irrigation are controlled via handle
  • Full HD compatible endoscopes with different directions of view (0° and 30°)
  • Wide range of instruments, e.g.
    • TREND instruments
    • MIN micro instruments
    • Pituitary & FESS instruments
    • Bipolar forceps
    • Bone punches
    • Suction instruments