Nephrofix® Certo

Basic set for percutaneous nephrostomy

Set with a one piece rigid 300 mm shaft and flexible J tip - guide wire Linderquist type.


  • Three-piece metal puncture needle, 1.2 x 220 mm
    • With variable insertion length
  • Omnifix® Luer-Lock syringe, 10 ml
  • Certoguide® J3 guide-wire, 0.9 x 900 mm
    • Stainless chromium-nickel steel
    • Highly flexible tip, stiff shaft (300 mm), flexible end
  • Dilators
    • Radiopaque
  • Peel-away plastic sheath Certon® catheter
    • Made of polyurethane, length 40 cm
    • Colored length markings
    • Lateral catheter openings
    • Curled tip
  • Radiopaque balloon catheter
    • Made of silicone, length 40 cm (without connector)
    • Balloon capacity 5 ml
    • Colored calibration marks
    • Two lateral eyes before, one eye behind the balloon
  • Ruler
  • Cutfix® scalpel, Fig. E 11
  • Double packed, sterile


  • Percutaneous drainage of urine from the kidney
  • Urodynamic measurements in the upper urinary tract
  • Decompensation of hydronephrosis due to obstruction,
    stenosis and occlusion of the ureteral in cases of impossible
    retrograde insertion of the ureteral stent
  • Pyonephrosis severe inflammation of the collecting system of the kidney in combination with hydronephrosis
  • Drainage in the ureteral fistulae
  • Anterograde manipulation in the upper urinary tract
  • Urodynamic measurements in the upper urinary tract
  • Application of drugs