EVA mixing bags

EVA mixing bag for the preparation of all-in-one regimens

  • Made of pure, plasticizer-free EVA
  • Additive injection port with closure cap
  • Detachable transfer set with lock connector
  • Sterile outlet port with snap-off cap


  • Due to the plasticizer-free EVA, specially suitable for fat containing TPN regimens
  • Ensures long shelf life of compounded regimens
  • Easy and safe handling


Information may differ in your country. Before prescribing refer to nationally approved prescribing information.

Nutrimix® – Flexibility in parenteral nutrition compounding

Icon: Nutrimix bags for tpn compounding

Nutrimix® bags are made of a highly transparent single-layer tubular sheet of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) for the storage of standard TPN regimens. Economical: save money for standard solutions. All products are PVC free and no plasticizer like DEHP or DEHT or Latex are used.