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Insulin syringe for U-100 Insulin (1 ml / 100 I.U.)

Single use insulin syringe with integrated needle for subcutaneous injection    

  • Scale Graduation 2 I.U.    
  • Highly transparent barrel with high contrast black graduation for easy reading and exact dosing    
  • Integrated thin-wall needle which allows greater comfort when injecting  
  • Highly transparent barrel to make sure that air bubbles are easily identified
  • Piston with double sealing ring    
  • Safe plunger backstop     
  • Materials: PP, PS, IR, PE, stainless steel, silicone oil    
  • Not made with latex, PVC, DEHP and BPA    
  • Needle sizes: 30G x 8 mm, 30G x 12 mm    
  • Dead volume: 0.4µL for 8mm and 0.5µL for 12 mm versions    
  • Sales package with 100 x 1 single packed syringes     
  • Product standard: EN ISO 8537    
  • The device can be used for all patients for which infusion therapy is prescribed. No gender or age related limitations. Omnican® can be used for adults and pediatrics.

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