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Complete kit for measuring blood glucose in capillary blood

Advantages at a glance:

  • Measurement time is only 5 sec.
  • Small sample volume of only 1 µL.
  • Easy coding via buttons.
  • Convenient strip ejector on the backside for safe disposal of the used test strip.
  • Marking function for control solution.
  • Five different customizable alarms.
  • Memory capacity of 250 with date and time.
  • Calculation of three average values in the range between 1 and 99 days.
  • Big display offers best view of all values.
  • Easy data management with the compatible software DIABASS®
  • Kit includes Omnilance® lancing device, 10 Omnican® Lance soft lancets and 10 Omnitest® plus test strips.

Measurement accuracy fulfills the tightened requirements of EN ISO 15197:2013. The device is intended only for in vitro diagnostic use.

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Omnilance® lancing device at a glance:

  • Lancing device for capillary blood collection
  • 5 depths settings 
  • Compatible with Omnican® Lance soft lancets
  • Lancet ejector for safe disposal

Read more about capillary blood collection.

Technical data

Measuring time 5 sec
Sample volume  1 µL 
Sample type  fresh capillary whole blood 
Measuring range  10 – 600 mg/dL
0.6 – 33.3 mmol/L 
Measuring unit  mg/dL or mmol/L (can be switched) 
Hematocrit range  30 – 55 % within 10 – 600 mg/dL
30 – 55 % within 0.6 – 33.3 mmol/L 
Calibration  Plasma 
Enzyme  Glucose oxidase
Operating temperature  10 – 40 °C
50 – 104 °F 
Temperature displayed, additional warning if outside conditions exceed the temperature limits.
Operating humidity 10 – 90 % 
Size (L x W x H) 79 x 51 x 18 mm
Weight incl. batteries 41 g 
Battery  1 x 3V lithium batteries (CR2032) 
Battery life  min. 3000 tests 
Data management PC connection via special Omnitest® USB cable

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