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Successful Market Implementation: 10 Years Plasmafit®

B. Braun went through different design stages and a thorough investigation on the surface structure to create the rough surface of the Plasmafit® acetabular cup system.
Fast, simple & safe was the major criteria in the development of the cup. In 2022, after ten successful years of Plasmafit® in the markets, it can be said that the straight-forward surgical technique with a very good feeling for the surgeon, wide range of possible indications and an easy and intuitive instrumentation make the essential features of Plasmafit®. Recently, a modular Dual Mobility option and Plasmafit® Revision, an acetabular revision cup, were added to system and complement the cup family.

Together with the clinical advisors Prof. Peter Aldinger and Prof. Michael Clarius we look back on ten fruitful years. Check out which features the two appreciate most.

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Feel the grip. Get the fit.
The Plasmafit® acetabular system features and combines several important elements for cementless orthopaedic implants: High primary stability even in difficult conditions, low-abrasion articulation and ideal implant position. The Plasmapore® surface provides through its roughness a strong connection to the bone. The possibility of a Biolox® ceramic insert provides high lubricity and minimum wear. With Vitelene® (highly-crosslinked polyethylene with vitamin E) there is a new material available, which is characterized by high wear and oxidation resistance. This plays an important role in the field of highly-crosslinked articulation. The OrthoPilot® Navigation technology combines these features with the possibility of an exact implant positioning.

Plasmafit® – Highlight Topics

Plasmapore® Surface

The cementless Plasmafit® acetabular cup system is particularly distinguished by the composition of the implant surface. The precise and fine tooth geometry in combination with the microporous pure titanium coating Plasmapore® ensures high primary implant stability. This thin layer has an osteoconductive effect and accelerates contact between the bone and the prosthesis stem.

Modular Inserts

The self-locking conical anchoring stabilizes the modular Plasmafit® inserts, preventing any micromovements. The area in which the resultant forces are concentrated is provided with the maximum material thickness. Optional anchoring screws for Plasmafit® Plus can be orientated freely during insertion. The modular range of implants with different fixation options offers the surgeon a choice: ceramic inserts or highly-crosslinked polyethylene inserts with Vitamin E. Implant components can therefore be chosen to suit the individual requirements of the patient.

OrthoPilot® Navigation

Plasmafit® can be implanted with the OrthoPilot® navigation technology. In navigated Plasmafit® surgeries the system measures the inclination and anteversion angles relative to the anterior pelvic plane. During acetabular reaming, the joint center, the reaming depth and the orientation of the reamer are measured and displayed. Plasmafit® navigation with OrthoPilot® is suitable for different patient positions and surgical approaches.

One Acetabular Cup System

The AESCULAP® Plasmafit® Family provides an acetabular solution for total hip joint replacements. It covers indications from primary up to revision treatments. Patient-specific requirements are addressed in one system and complement each other using the same instruments, inlays, design parameters and surgical procedure. Based on the properties of the materials and instruments, Plasmafit® Dual Mobility and Plasmafit® Revision have joined the family and continue the system concept. The Plasmafit® Family therewith covers indications from primary up to revision treatments.

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Peter Aldinger, Michael Clarius: Non-Interventional Post Market – Clinical Follow Up Study
Clinical Follow-up Study Plasmafit® „Langzeitbeobachtung zur Evaluation der Standzeit sowie der klinischen und radiologischen Parameter nach Implantation der Pressfit-Pfanne Plasmafit®“

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