Proximal Femur / Targon® PFT

Intramedullary nail system for proximal femoral fractures

The new Targon® PFT nailing system is designed to treat all trochanteric fractures in a fast and safe procedure. The innovative targeting device is suitable for all CCD angles and permits shorter and less invasive incisions thanks to an optimized geometry. The color code of the instruments guides you reliably through the operation and the simplified instrumentation leads to a substantially reduced operating time.

The Targon® PFT telescoping cantilever ensures an effective sliding of the fracture. The merger of sleeve and lag screw into the new TeleScrew facilitates the insertion and shortens the operating time. Cranial migration of the TeleScrew is ruled out by the integrated distraction stop. Laterally, the TeleScrew is locked angle stable to the nail which prevents backing out. The new TeleScrew thread provides an enlarged contact zone with the bone resulting in a considerably improved screw fixation especially in osteoporotic bone.