Retractionsystems and Special Retractors

Retraction for a wide range of application

MÜNSTER Retraction System
Universal, flexible, safe, easy to use – the MÜNSTER Retraction System is based on an construction kit principle which offers great flexibility to the surgeon. At the same time it is easy to apply. Adaption of the different blades is made by a special and very easy to handle ratchet mechanism.
The multiplicity of different frames, clamps, rods and retractors permits an individually adjustable retraction system for Urology, Gynaecology, Visceral and Vascular surgery which corresponds to the needs of the surgeons.

Vario Retractor System
Vario retractor system with integrated cold light, for additional intensive illumination of deep and complicated operation fields.

Frankfurt Retraction System
The Frankfurt mini-retraction system is made for the use in thyroid and pediatric surgery. Two different frames are available.

Carbotrac Retractor
Lighten your load – these retractors are made from a carbon fibre reinforced polymer. Light weight and x-ray transluency feature the Carbotrac retractors. Stability is still ensured.


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