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Sangustop® is a highly efficient felt-like hemostat. It is composed of native absorbable collagen fibrils of bovine origin; in addition, Sangustop® contains riboflavin.


Collagen and Coagulation: Scientific Evidence

Ever since the 70’s [1], collagen is a well-known initiator of platelet aggregation and thus an accelerator of hemostasis. [2] [3]

Schematic representation of hemostasis mechanism:

A: Damage to blood vessels (accidentally or during surgery)
B: Immediate vasoconstriction and exposure of collagen fibers to blood
C: Adhesion of platelets to collagen

Collagen is a biocompatible material that can be absorbed by the body within approximately 3 weeks as a result of phagocytosis and enzymatic degradation.

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[2] Silverstein ME, Chvapil M. Experimental and clinical experiences with collagen fleece as a hemostatic agent.J Trauma. 1981; 21: 388-393.
[3] Silverstein ME et al. Collagen fibers as a fleece hemostatic agent. J Trauma. 1980; 20: 688-694.

Easy handling in Open and Minimal Invasive Surgery

  • Ready to use approach: no need of pretreatment steps
  • Excellent adhesion to bleeding surfaces: just light pressure onto the wound
  • Both sides equally active: simple positioning of the product
  • Adaptable to any type of structure: from plain surfaces to anastomoses
  • Very easy to use in minimal invasive surgery: Sangustop® maintains consistency after being introduced through the trocar