Solofix® Safety

Sterile single-use safety lancets

Solofix® Safety are sterile single-use safety lancets for capillary blood collection.With their contact activated puncture and irreversible needle retraction mechanism, they combine easy handling for the user with high patient comfort and prevent from unintended needle stick injuries.

Solofix® Safety lancets are easy to use, hygienic and safe.

Easy handling

  • pre-activated safety mechanism
  • automatic irreversible needle retraction
  • defined blood flow through technique-independent pressure activation
  • no risk of unintended activation

High patient comfort

  • low trigger force activates double retraction spring system with fast puncturing mechanism
  • sharp needles (25 and 21G) with tri-bevel tip and precise linear guidance of the lancet minimize tissue damage and pain
  • ultra-sharp blade in Solofix® Safety Neonat ensures adequate blood volume and quick healing

Preventing needle-stick injuries

  • safely protected needle before and after use
  • automatically inactivated system prevents reuse
  • complies with international safety guidelines

Solofix® Safety are available in three different color-coded versions:

  • Solofix® Safety Fine (blue), tri-bevel tip needle (25G)
  • Solofix® Safety Universal (red), tri-bevel tip needle (21G)
  • Solofix® Safety Neonat (yellow), blade (0,8mm)

Thanks to the different lancet sizes and puncture depths, Solofix® Safety enable the collection of different volumes of blood samples and comply with distinct skin types. Hence, they can be used in various areas of application whenever capillary blood is needed for examination.

Main areas of application are blood glucose monitoring, general blood diagnosis and neonatal screenings.

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