Surgical Loop

For retraction of organs

Surgical Loop consists of retraction tapes made of radiopaque silicone or cotton. The surgical tapes are used for the intraoperative isolation, marking and looping of organs, blood vessels, tendons and nerves.


  • Security aspects
    • Strong and reliable
    • Single-use
    • Atraumatic
    • Silicone radiopaque Surgical Loop
  • Convenience aspects
    • Extremely smooth surface
    • Pliable
    • No tissue adherence
    • Easy, convenient packaging presentation
    • Distinct colours to ease differentiation
    • Various product dimensions to suit all purposes


Sizes available 1.5 or 2.5 mm (silicone) 4 to 8 mm (cotton)


Surgical Loop is used to:

  • Retract nerves, tendons, arteries, veins, ureters, vessels and other structures in order to access the operation site
  • Differentiate and/or identify organs or areas while operating
  • Clamp