Ureofix® 112 Plus

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Closed Urine Drainage System

Ureofix® 112 Plus is a closed urine drainage system with a needle free sample port. With its triple safety concept the Ureofix® 112 Plus is in accordance with the international Evidence-based Guidelines for Best Practice in Urological Health Care (EAUN 2012): drip chamber with anti-reflux valve, needle-free sample port, latex-free gloves


  • Transparent drip chamber with anti-reflux valve to reduce the risk of retrograde bacteria migration into the drainage tube and to prevent cross-contamination
  • 2L urine drainage bag with graduation.
  • Latex-free single use gloves for aseptic bag connection to the catheter reducing risk of cross-contamination
  • Non-drip cross-outlet with stopper to avoid urine splash while bag emptying. The cross-outlet can be stored in a protective cap fixed on the bag to avoid contamination
  • Needle free silicone sample port on universal connector eliminating the risk of needle stick injury
  • Flexible and kinking resistant tube of 110 cm length provided with clamp and sheet-clip
  • 2 hanging systems: rope hanger when patient has to move or universal double-hook for bed fixation