Urimed® Vision Short

Self-adhering male external catheter for short or retracted penes

Urimed® Vision Short male external catheter offer a discreet and reliable solution to male urinary incontinence adapted to fit short or retracted penes. The catheter can be connected to a urine bag e.g. a Urimed® urine bag.


  • 5 different diameters: 25 mm - 41 mm
  • Length of 4,5 cm
  • Made of silicone: hypoallergenic, high permeability for low risk of maceration
  • Latex-free
  • Acrylic adhesive
  • Can be connected on all major types of collection bags
  • Boxes of 30 units


Management of male urinary incontinence. The male external catheter must be connected to a urine collection pouch.