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Vitamin E stabilized highly crosslinked polyethylene – Applied technology. In vivo performance.

Vitelene® is a highly crosslinked polyethylene blended with vitamin E. Vitamin E provides long-term oxidation protection by binding free radicals through the release of H atoms. Polyethylene powder GUR 1020 is mixed with vitamin E (0.1 % - α-tocopherol) and pressed into sheets. Afterwards a total dose of 80 kGy electron beam radiation is applied to crosslink the blank product.
Vitelene® inserts are manufactured using CNC technology and sterilized with ethylene oxide. Vitelene® needs no thermal treatment and has, therefore, balanced mechanical properties. It is characterized by wear and oxidation resistance. The new articulation material Vitelene® is offered with the new Aesculap acetabular cup system Plasmafit® as well as with Plasmacup® DC.

Highly crosslinked polyethylene with vitamin E
In contrast to polyethylene implants which are doped with vitamin E by diffusion as finished parts, blending of polyethylene by mixing vitamin E already into the raw powder guarantees a vitamin E concentration also in the deep areas of the material.
Due to its excellent wear and oxidation resistance and balanced mechanical properties, Vitelene® represents a new generation of highly crosslinked polyethylene for total hip arthroplasty.

Better longterm results
The wear rate of Vitelene® is very low even after extreme artificial aging. The vitamin E concentration is still sufficient to eliminate oxidative reactions and therefore reduces wear throughout the whole lifespan of the total hip arthroplasty.
Oxidation leads to degradation of polyethylene. Vitamin E increases the resistance of polyethylene against oxidative processes and strengthens the bearing material throughout the lifespan of the total hip arthroplasty.
The mechanical properties impact strength, tensile strength and elongation of Vitelene® are unchanged even after 42 days of artificial aging. Thus the laboratory tests show an excellent longterm stability of Vitelene® against mechanical stress.


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