YASARGIL microform Micro Instruments

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Gold standard designed by Prof. Gazi M. Yasargil

Instruments with experience – a "must have" for every micro neurosurgeon.


  • Improved view due to bayonet-shaped instruments
  • Secure grip – reliable grasping and holding due to finger molds
  • Superior balance – drill holes for lower weights
  • Good hand support between thumb and index finger


  • Bayonet-shaped instruments
  • Drill holes for lower weights
  • Scissors straight, curved up, curved down, angled sideways and serrated
  • Forceps, straight, serrated
  • Tumor grasping forceps, spoon-shaped, serrated, curette-shaped
  • Needle holder, straight and bent up


YASARGIL micro instruments are in various lengths from 165 mm to 245 mm available.