Injection Pressure Monitor for Peripheral Nerve Blocks

BSmart™ Injection Pressure Monitor is an easy-to-use inline injection pressure monitoring device providing clinicians with objective pressure information regardless of who performs the actual block.
The BSmart™ Injection Pressure Monitor does not interfere the tactile feedback of the syringe which has been traditionally used to assess the resistance of injection during nerve block procedures.
The pressure information is conveniently displayed by the colour-coded pressure ranges on the BSmart™ piston (white <15psi; yellow 15-20psi; red >20psi).
It can be used for single shot as well as continuous peripheral nerve block techniques.


BSmart™ enhances safety of peripheral nerve blocks because BSmartT™

  • Monitors injection pressure objectively
  • Alerts the physician of high opening injection pressure
  • Prevents too forceful, rapid injections
  • Allows consistent monitoring of resistance to injection regardless of who performs the actual injection
  • Allows for standardized and objective documentation of injection pressure information during nerve block procedures